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End of week update

Dear TSD Families,
First, I hope you are well.  We had a great first week back from our remote learning period this week for our K-8 students and look forward to having all K-12 students back in our buildings to start the third marking period next week.  As we re-enter school, we remind our students and/or families to complete the symptom checklist each day before sending students to school.  Also, we ask that families abide by the current travel restrictions and quarantine OR have a negative test after traveling out of state for more than 24 hours.  
Starting next week, we are happy to offer take home meals for remote Wednesdays as well as take home meals for weekends. This is for In-Person students only. Families can sign up using a Google survey link on the Food Service area of the TSD website. This is a one-time sign up. Once you sign up, your student will receive all take home meals each week. No need to sign up again. Please see the website for more info.
Please be aware that West Penn Power has announced a planned power outage next week for customers in the Upton area.  It should not affect our schools but we have asked our teachers to plan their cyber Wednesday activities accordingly knowing that some students may not have electricity for much of the day.
Finally, the weather looks challenging on Monday so we sent devices home with our elementary kids in case we have to alter the school schedule or close school on Monday.
Thanks, as always, for your support.  Have a great weekend.
TSD Proud,
Mr. B.